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When nothing less than “one of a kind” will do.

Some occasions call for an absolutely unique piece of jewellery. Whether you’re celebrating a commitment, a lifelong dream coming true or a person close to your heart, you can rely on JoyBerry Jewels to bring the image you have in mind to life. 

We have one goal when creating a custom piece: we want to delight you with exquisite design and the finest artistry. 

commission a design

Frequently asked Questions

How does your custom design process work?

Are you thinking of commissioning a design? Please book an appointment with Erin, our lead designer, to discuss your design and manufacturing needs and determine the best materials for your piece. She will guide you through the process advising on the design, current trends, metal options, gemstones, sizing and finishes.

Which metals do you use in creating custom jewellery pieces?

At JoyBerry Jewels, we manufacture pieces from a variety of precious metals, including gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and more.
Not sure what you want?
We’ll help you pick a metal that suits your intended design, needs and your budget. 

Which gemstones can I choose for my custom jewellery piece?

We have an extensive range of ethically sourced diamonds and non-traditional gemstones.
We can help you make the best choice in stones to suit your style, including the cut, clarity and size that will compliment your metal choice and overall design. 

How long does a custom Jewellery piece take to manufacture?

Because we craft our custom pieces by hand, all custom designs carry a lead time of 2 to 4 weeks. If you’re commissioning the piece for a special occasion or as a gift, please discuss this with us so we can ensure that you get your design delivered in good time. 

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